Who is The Cyber Reef Guru?

Who am I? Well, I could tell you that I am six foot two, 170 pounds, dark hair, blue eyes and have features that are carved from stone. I could tell you that, but that would be a lie.

I could tell you that I am five foot nothing, 180 pounds, brown hair and a mustache, and I like to play with computers. I could tell you that, but that would be a lie too.

Truth be known, what I look like is irrelevant.

Since you probably came here looking for insight about me, I shouldn’t let you down. I like to keep make things, I used to be into keeping reef-creatures, I used to have a sizable model railroad, and I play Ultimate Frisbee. Some day I would like to start both my reef tank and model railroad again, but time and space are preventing that right now.

The name stems from some close friends who were making jabs at my “fish hobby” and dubbed me the CyberReefGuru. It stuck. Now it’s my online brand and persona and I like it.

I currently own the following making gear:

I make videos on the Youtube and occasionally write blogs here and cyberrailguru.

Please take some time to read my copyright. Some very uncool people on net have copied my material (and others) for personal use with out attributing the originators.

Thanks for stopping by; drop me line if you have any questions or comments!

Contact me if you like.